Annual National Supreme Champions 2017 / 2018

Led finalists:

Queensland - Love Me Do (Toneal Hoffman)

ACT / NSW - Krystal Creek Heartbreaker (Michelle Ellis)

Victoria - Uhava Royal Juliet (Uhavta)

Western Australia - Anfield Chantilly Drift (Emma Phillips)

South Australia - Howlin Yellow Wolf (M Cherry & D Lee)

Under Saddle Qualifiers

QLD - Love Me Do (Toneal Hoffman)

VIC - Loriot Royal Doulton (Jenny Reeves-Singes)

TAS - Clearwater Sonata (Kerry Cook)

ACT/NSW - Birdwood Bonanza (Sandy Smith)

SA - Howlin Yellow Wolf (M Cherry & D Lee)

WA - Accacia Park Pina Colada (Carly Summerhill)

Congratulations to the winner of BOTH led & under saddle:

Love Me Do - (Toneal Hoffman)

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