Online Application For Permanent Registration

The form on this page is the application for permanent registration with Dilutes Australia Ltd and should be used for all non DA foal recorded horses and ponies being permanently registered with the company.  You can also lodge all required supporting documentation via the email links beside the application form.  IMPORTANT - You ALSO need to download either a zip file that contains an interactive MS Word pedigree form OR the pdf version of the form, which must be completed emailed through to us using the links alongside the application form (download diagrams and pedigree forms zip file)

Who can use this form:

  • all horses and ponies 2 years of age and over that were not previously foal recorded with DA Ltd
  • fillies and geldings under 2 years of age except palominos (see below)

Who CAN'T use this form:

**Please note that all horses registered with other breed societies must be registered using the SAME NAME as their other breeds.

Please don't forget to lodge the pedigree chart.

Pedigree Chart

Online Chart - please download to your device once completed and email to upon completion.

Application For Permanent Registration

All fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Lodge your supporting documents

These links will open up your email software so you can attach the required documents to email to us.

Send payment notification

(copy of online transfer receipt or over the counter bank receipt)  NOTE: processing, including Express Registrations, will not commence until the funds arrive in our account.

Details for Direct Debit:

Bank - Bendigo Bank
Name of account - Dilutes Australia Ltd
BSB - 633 000
Account # - 123 341 414
Reference - your name

Pedigree Chart

Online Chart - please download to your device once completed and email to upon completion.


Download membership application (interactive pdf / online form) if you are a new member


membership renewal (interactive pdf / online form) if you have been a member of ANY of the following in the past:

* Dilutes Australia

* United Palomino White Buckskin & Dun Association

* Palominos Australia

Lodge photographs

(mandatory for all registrations) Please ensure you complete the checklist below the application for registration to ensure you submit ALL required photos!

Lodge DNA colour test results

(if applicable)

Lodge proof of breeding

(if applicable)

Lodge microchip verification paperwork 

(if applicable)  Note - all horses being permanently registered must be either branded or microchipped unless ALREADY registered with another association that accepts unbranded / non-microchipped stock ie AQHA)

Lodge proof of legal ownership
(if applicable)

Pedigree Chart

Online Chart - please download to your device once completed and email to upon completion.


In submitting this electronic form you acknowledge the following:

I declare that all particulars given in this application are correct to the best of my knowledge.

I declare that the horse described on this application conforms with the Company’s regulations regarding HYPP /  HERDA, eye colour and white markings.  

I further understand that if, for whatever reason, this horse is subsequently found not to conform with the Company’s regulations on HYPP / HERDA, eye colour and white markings, it will automatically be de-registered OR in the case of eye colour and white markings, transferred to the correct register.

I acknowledge that I am the legal owner or leasee** of the horse or pony being registered.  ** As the official leasee of this horse or pony, I certify that I have the consent of the legal owner to register him/her with Dilutes Australia Ltd.


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