International Dilute Register
Lodging Your Forms Electronically

In order to process your registration, there are a number of supporting documents required to be lodged with your application.  To facilitate this process, we have supplied checklists below.  If you take the time to work your way through each list, you shouldn't miss anything out!  Beside each check list you'll find the links to lodge the applicable documents.  These links will open up your email software so you can attach the required documents to email to us.

Download Your Application (Zip File)

These zip files (links are below this text) contain:

  • an interactive MS Word document into which you can type your information.  IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE SAVE THE WORD DOCUMENT ONCE YOU'VE ENTERED YOUR INFORMATION - BEFORE EMAILING IT THROUGH TO US!  That will lock in your information; if you don't do this all we get is the original interactive document with nothing filled out.
  • a jpg and a bmp file of the diagrams page, either of which can be loaded into any simple graphics software (ie Paint) and completed.

Once you have completed the form in MS Word or a compatible program, save it and then lodge it using the link below.  Repeat for the diagrams page.  Then proceed through the checklists below, indicating which documents you are providing before using the links provided to email them through to us.  Note - you can of course email all documents together in one email if you have them all ready to go and you're sure you haven't forgotten anything!


This form can be used for fillies and geldings under 2 years of age but MUST BE USED FOR

  • ALL COLTS AGED UNDER 2 YEARS, regardless of parentage, colour or register


This form can be used for stallions 2 years of age & over and all fillies, mares and geldings of any age EXCEPT FOR

  • ALL SOLID PALOMINOS AGED UNDER 2 YEARS (please use the application for foal recording instead)
  • ALL COLTS AGED UNDER 2 YEARS, regardless of parentage, colour or register (please use the application for foal recording instead)
  • ALL TESTED Lp CARRIERS WITHOUT PATN (please use the application for foal recording instead)



But please don't forget to lodge the rest of the supporting documentation - see below for specific lodgement instructions!!!! 

Diagram of markings and brands

Simply extract the image files from the zip file, select the most appropriate one as per your available software, complete and save then use the link below to email it to us.  It's that simple!

Lodge diagrams

Supporting Documentation Checklist

Proof of payment

Registrations will not be processed until we have been notified by PayPal that full payment has been received.

Lodge photographs
(mandatory for all registrations - please use the interactive check list to ensure you haven't missed any!!)

Sample photos can be viewed here.

Lodge proof of breeding
(if applicable)
Failure to provide this information will result in the pedigree being listed as "NA" (not available).

Lodge microchip verification paperwork
(if applicable) All horses being permanently registered must be either branded or microchipped unless ALREADY registered with another association that accepts unbranded / non-microchipped stock ie AQHA)

Lodge proof of legal ownership
(if applicable)

Lodge DNA test results
(if applicable)

Ready to go?  For more information on our regulations, you can visit our Step By Step Guide. 

Not sure if this is the correct form?  Click here to go to the Forms and Downloads page where there is a complete list of pdf versions of our application forms that can be downloaded, printed out and filled in the 'old' way.

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