Sample Photos

Below are sample photos required for registration with Dilutes Australia Ltd. These photos are required for all registers regardless of colour.

Examples of photos required for all foal recordings and registrations of solid dilutes:

For a list of required photos, see the Photo Requirement page or download a pdf version here.

Full views of near side and offside

Full view of front

Full view of rear

Face particularly if horse has unusual face markings

Side on close ups of each eye

Full views of entire under belly area

Close up of brands

Close up of any marks or scarring

The following additional photos are required for permanent registrations or adult upgrades of all solid dilutes and ancillaries:

These photos are required in ADDITION to the above photos for all permanent registrations or adult upgrades.

Side on view of teeth

Sheath and testicles - colts and stallions

Additional photos required for palomino adult upgrades and registrations

Fanned out close up views of mane and tail

Additional photos required for all dun registrations:

Dorsal stripe

Barbs on dorsal stripe and shoulder bars

Barring and mottling on hocks and front legs

Ear tips

Cobwebbing, cream hair in ears and face mask

Ear edging


Shoulder stripes

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