Foundation Mare Register

Dilutes Australia Foundation Mare Register for non-dilute mares (solid or non-solid) who have produced a registerable dilute foal (solid or non-solid)

A non-dilute mare (solid or non-solid) that produces a STUDBOOK registrable dilute foal (solid or non-solid) is eligible for foundation mare registration.  In the case of unregistered mares who have produced a dilute foal to a registered stallion, this will give her foal the required 2 registered parents for studbook registration.

Non-dilute mares (solid or non-solid) registered with another breed society ie ASB, ASHS, AHSA, AAA, PHAA etc who have produced a dilute foal (solid or non-solid) to a registered stallion may also be Foundation Mare registered but this is not a requirement for the studbook registration of her dilute foal.

Ownership Requirements

The owners of all foundation mares must be current financial members of the Association. Should an owner cease to be a financial member, the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be suspended until such time as said owner rejoins the association, at which time the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be reinstated

Standard of Excellence

A foundation mare shall meet the standards of conformation (breed characteristics being irrelevant) prescribed by the Board. To be considered for FOUNDATION MARE registration, a mare must gain the required conformation marks prescribed by Board and fulfill the following:

  • Must be a solid coloured mare ie bay, brown, black, chestnut, grey etc.  Mares carrying a dilution modifier will be dilute registered under that dilution.
  • Have a body free from imperfections and free of white spots except those caused by accident.
  • Be permitted white markings on the face and legs only, the legs not to be white above the knees or hocks save for a continuous diminishing spear or stripe running above the knee or hock. NO foundation mare may have ANY white markings (ie belly splashes) other than those permitted under the Regulations of the Company.  Notwithstanding this, an owner may apply to have a horse or pony accepted for registration under the company's hardship clause which allows for small amounts of underbelly white.
  • Have a basic skin colour which is dark.
  • Have both eyes dark and the same colour. Wall eyes are not acceptable.
  • Not exhibit any appaloosa characteristics. Solid horses and ponies with appaloosa/palouse/spotted pony parentage must be DNA'd for Lp and must return a negative result to be eligible for registration.

Pre 1996 Foundation Mares

Registered foundation mares who are the non-dilute daughters of DA studbook registered palominos and who were registered prior to 1996 are now considered non-dilute Ancillary mares and have the showing rights associated with the Non-dilute Ancillary register.

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