Non Colour Compliant Dilute Register

Dilutes Australia Non Colour Compliant Dilute Register for dilute mares, stallions and geldings (solid and non-solid) that carry grey and solid palominos failing colour classification for solid palomino registration.

This register has FULL breeding rights but are shown either in the Ancillary section or in their own classes if on the program.

Registration and Membership Applications


A DA NCCD is a dilute horse or pony (solid or non-solid) that carries a greying gene OR a palomino that does not pass colour standards for solid palomino registration (previously Breeding Purposes Only register).

These dilutes may be either:

  • grey dilutes that do not have a DA registered dilute parent OR
  • the grey dilute progeny of a DA registered dilute mare or stallion.
  • palominos that fail classification on COLOUR for solid dilute registration (note - non-solid dilutes that are palomino are not required to pass classification for DA NSD registration.)

More about grey dilutes here.

Dilutes carrying grey

Buckskin carrying grey. 

Grey (born silver) tobiano

Palominos failing classification on colour for solid dilute registration (previously Breeding Purposes Only register) 

Ownership Requirements:

The owners of all non colour compliant dilutes must be current financial members of the Association. Should an owner cease to be a financial member, the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be suspended until such time as said owner rejoins the association, at which time the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be reinstated

Standard of Excellence:

A DA NCCD shall meet the standards of conformation (breed characteristics being irrelevant) prescribed by the Board. To be considered for DA NCCD registration, a horse or pony must gain the required conformation marks prescribed by Board.


Colours accepted for DA NCCD registration

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