Palomino Breeding Purposes Only Register

From time to time we receive applications for registration for palomino mares and stallions who do not qualify on colour for full palomino registration.  This register caters for these horses and ponies.

A palomino mare or stallion that fails classification on colour for either studbook or non-studbook registration is eligible for Breeding Purposes Only registration.  This is not a showing registration.

Owner's may apply for this registration if they have a palomino mare or stallion that does not pass colour standards and they want Ancillary registration for the progeny (studbook status BPO).

NB:This pony has been DNA tested as cream on red with no other dilutions.

Ownership Requirements:

The owners of all Breeding Purposes Only must be current financial members of the Association. Should an owner cease to be a financial member, the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be suspended until such time as said owner rejoins the association, at which time the registration of all horses registered in his or her name will be reinstated

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