Social Media Policy

A hard copy version of this policy can be downloaded here.

In recent years social media sites have become an increasingly popular and powerful means of communication. More and more private individuals and commercial enterprises have recognised the opportunity they provide for immediate, widespread dissemination of information without the constraints that distance and geographical boundaries previously imposed. Social media has an enormous impact and keeps people connected and up to date with their interests, families and friends. This form of communication is not restricted to the written word but can also be in the form of images or audio visual material.

It is also important to recognise that there are problems inherent in the use of social media technology. Social media has blurred the lines between the personal and business or professional parameters of social interaction and can easily be misused. Dilutes Australia has a social media presence which has provided great benefits in increased communication but has also created problems. The Company has found it necessary to closely monitor its pages and utilise available privacy settings to restrict inappropriate and heated exchanges occurring.
This document sets out the standards of conduct that Dilutes Australia expects to be respected by everyone who uses our social media pages or is responsible for creating or maintaining our social media presence.
The aims of this policy are two-fold:

  • To maintain the integrity and standing of the Company as a reputable organisation
  • To ensure all users of our social media sites understand that inappropriate use may be damaging and harmful to members and/or the association and may have legal implications

It is the responsibility of all members who utilise Dilutes Australia’s internet sites to:

  • Ensure they conduct themselves in a courteous and ethical manner at all times
  • Be aware that information shared on line must be honest and fair, and that disrespectful, discourteous, derogatory, derisive or defamatory comments, whether they refer to individuals or organisations, will not be tolerated
  • Ensure they never bring Dilutes Australia into disrepute
  • Consider the legal and moral implications of comments which may be perceived as of a confidential, dishonest, threatening, defamatory, malicious or slanderous nature
  • Immediately report any concerns about inappropriate use of the Company’s internet sites to the Board of Directors or the Web Marshall

Further, it is the responsibility of members posting comments about Dilutes Australia, one of its events, services or products on sites not associated with the Company, to clearly identify that the views expressed are personal and do not necessarily represent the views of the company.

Comments of a slanderous, malicious or defamatory nature, although posted on sites not associated with Dilutes Australia, may still be considered to bring the Company into disrepute and leave the member responsible open to disciplinary action under the terms of the Constitution.

It is the responsibility of all Branch Committees to:

  • Understand that all Company sites, whether maintained nationally or locally, represent Dilutes Australia
    and its members and must be maintained and utilised in accordance with the member responsibilities
    described above
  • Ensure that confidential or sensitive information or restricted intellectual property is not published
  • Always be conscious that posts are instantly publicly available and very difficult to retract
  • Immediately report any concerns about inappropriate use of the Company’s internet sites to the Board of
    Directors or the Web Marshall

Of course the Company recognises that from time to time situations will arise where members, non-member
competitors at one of our events, judges or committee members may not agree with a policy, regulation or

All Company run events have provisions in place for protests to be lodged and dealt with immediately. This is the
proper and accepted means for having a dispute of this kind heard and resolved.

All Dilutes Australia Branch committees run regular general meetings where all members are welcome and have
voting rights. This is the right venue to discuss and resolve any local issues or have input to future planning of
shows and other events.

Dilutes Australia has a long-standing framework established within its Memorandum and Constitution to provide
a fair and just means for members to make complaints about serious matters of concern to them and for those
complaints to be properly and constructively dealt with. This forum allows the Board of Directors to investigate a
complaint fully. Where it is found that disciplinary action is warranted as the result of the investigation, there are
relevant provisions set out under Section 9 of the Company’s Constitution.

All users of Dilutes Australia’s web pages, social media pages or on line forums must do so with the
understanding that the making of inflammatory, derisive, malicious, derogatory, slanderous or defamatory
comments relating to the Company or any of its members, committees, events, judges or competitors may give
rise to legal implications and/or will be perceived as conduct unbecoming a member. Any member responsible
for such behaviour or for comments prejudicial to the Company’s best interests may be subject to the provisions
of the Constitution under Section 9, Members, Articles 9.14 to 9.20, Conduct of Members.

Copies of the Memorandum and Constitution can be downloaded from the Forms and Downloads page

Dilutes Australia’s Web Marshall can be contacted at

The Board of Directors can be contacted through the Company General Secretary at

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