Regulation Updates

The latest changes and advances to our regulations and bylaws in a nutshell ....

DA Broken Coloured Dilute and Roan Showing Register

This register has been discontinued.  Dilutes that do not qualify for solid dilute registration with respect to eye colour and / or white markings may now be registered into the DA Non Solid Dilute Register.  This is a full status showing and breeding register.

Dilute roans are registered into the DA Non Colour Compliant Register

Hardship Clause

A solid dilute, that in the opinion of the Registrar, is an acceptable addition to the Stud Book/Non Stud Book of Dilutes Australia, and has pink skin no larger in total than 4 square inches (25 square centimetres) and that, standing upright, cannot be seen from either side, front or rear (with the tail in its natural position) by an adult person standing upright; and having tested negative for OLWS & Tobiano; the Registrar shall petition the Board for the horse to be accepted.  The Registrar shall include all relevant documents & photos with the petition to the Board.  The decision of the Board to be final. 

Appaloosa, Palouse Pony & Spotted Pony parentage

The progeny of all Appaloosas, Palouse Ponies, Spotted Ponies etc are required to be tested for Lp prior to being eligible for registration.  If they return a negative result the standard regulations become applicable as they are never going to varnish out and will not exhibit characteristics.  If they return a positive result they are not eligible for registration as a solid dilute because will eventually show characteristics; they may however be registered as a DA Non Solid Dilute.  Horses found to be carrying testable versions of PATN but which DO NOT also carry Lp, are eligible for solid dilute registration because without Lp, the gene will never be expressed. 

NEW Financial Year (effective from 1st August 2017)

Effective August 1st 2017 the company swapped financial year from Jan 1st - Dec 31st TO Aug 1st - July 31st.  Our part year membership for NEW members will now commence on 1 March each year.  This membership is valid until the end of our financial year on July 31st; a full year's membership becomes due and payable in August.  For membership application forms visit the Application Forms page

Artificial Insemination

  1. All services, whether natural or AI, are considered equal.  AI is considered to be the same as natural service
  2. No requirement for a vet to carry out the collection or insemination.  Term is ‘Authorised Person’  and that is defined as a Vet, AI specialist or the stud owner.
  3. Studs to have their own Collection Form
  4. At Foal Recording/Registration breeders are required to provide a Foal Parentage Validation Certificate.  This can be either a breed / colour registry certificate.
  5. Where a stallion is not registered with another registry that parentage validates, the stallion and all foals are to be Parentage Validated by DNA testing.  If the Parentage Validation Certificate is not provided, then the foal will be recorded/registered into the Non Stud Book with dam parentage only recorded.

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