Forms And Downloads

Below are the forms you require for membership and / or registration with Dilutes Australia Ltd.   These are available as:

  • pdf files - need to be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand then either posted or SCANNED and emailed to us.  Taking photos of the forms and lodging those IS NOT accepted! 
  • interactive MS Word document AND image file for the diagrams - a zip file containing the files can be downloaded, the files extracted, completed electronically then emailed back to us.
  • using a mobile or want the convenience of complete and click?  You can also conveniently lodge your permanent registration application online here or your foal recording application online here.   

Prior to completing and lodging the forms please make sure you have read the Regulations and DNA testing requirements.  

Photo requirements - you must lodge all the required photos with your registration application before it will be processed. Failure to do so will delay processing. If you are unsure of what photos are required or how to take them, check the sample photos page. 

If you are emailing photos through please ensure they are not bigger than 200 - 400 kb in size.  (Yes, that IS kilobytes NOT megabytes!!)  

Composite dilute registration

Please note that composite dilutes (horses and ponies that carry two or more different dilutions ie dun & silver) may now be registered in all the registers for which they carry a dilution gene WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SOLID PALOMINOS which MUST BE a chestnut horse carrying one copy of cream and NO OTHER DILUTION GENES to be eligible for registration as a solid palomino**.  To facilitate this, simply tick the relevant boxes on the registration application, include the additional composite dilute registration fees and provide DNA proof as required.  Note that all composite dilutes have a PRIMARY registration, which is designated as per this Regulation - if you choose not to composite dilute register this is the registration they will be issued with.  The relevant register is written on the top of the registration certificate.

For instance, a buckskin silver (A- E- Crcr Z-) is registered as a silver FIRST but may also be registered as a buckskin and is eligible to be shown in both silver and buckskin classes.

** Solid palominos with a silver parent are required to be DNA tested for silver and must return a negative test result to be eligible for registration as a palomino.  If they carry silver they are registered as silvers and are not eligible for palomino registration.  Other dilutions are generally visible hence DNA testing for those dilutions is not required UNLESS requested by the Registrar.

Changing your membership details (existing members)

If you are a member and need to notify us of any changes to your membership details you can do so easily and quickly here


Please note - we now record all microchip information on registration certificates as it is part of a horse's identity just like brands, markings etc. A copy of the MC certificate issued when the horse was microchipped must be attached to the application for registration / foal recording. If this is not available please download the Microchip verification form

Not a member yet?

You will require the following forms:

Payment options




Please note that some of these forms contain diagrams and could take a few minutes to download.
If you want to download to your computer use the right mouse button.

Schedule of fees

Membership Forms

Application for new membership

Application for membership renewal - please use THIS form if you have been a member of ANY of the following in the past:

  • Dilutes Australia
  • United Palomino White Buckskin & Dun Association
  • Palominos Australia

Non-member Annual Showing Levy

Non-member Annual Levy

Please note - owners of Dilutes Australia registered solid dilutes and ancillary horses and ponies are NOT eligible for this.

Other Forms

DNA hair collection form

DNA test lodging instructions

Microchip verification form

Brand and stud prefix application

Awards Nomination and Order Forms

Horse Of The Year Nomination Form - all registers
(pdf(MS Word - zip file)

Opal Award® and Spectrum Award Nomination Form 
(pdf(MS Word - zip file)

Order form - can also be used to order points books

Awards Catalogue

National Awards Catalogue



Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Registration Forms -
Solid dilutes, DA Non-Solid Dilutes and Ancillary registers

Sample photos - please note that ALL photos listed are required; failure to provide any or some of them will result in processing delays.

Application for foal recording

Mandatory for:

  • All palominos under 2 years of age
  • All colts under 2 years of age regardless of parentage, colour or register
  • All horses under 2 years of age with unknown or unproven parentage regardless of colour or register

Foal recording is optional for any filly or gelding under 2 years of age EXCEPT as specified above.

Please note that all ages are taken from August 1st of the year in which the horse was born.

Application for permanent registration of non-foal recorded horses

To be used for all colts, stallions, fillies, mares and geldings 2 years of age and over that were NOT foal recorded with Dilutes Australia Ltd.

May be used for fillies and geldings under 2 years of age EXCEPT as specified above. If foal recording is required use foal recording form above.

Please note that all ages are taken from August 1st of the year in which the horse was born.

Application for adult upgrade of foal recorded horses

For all horses 2 years of age and over that were foal recorded with Dilutes Australia Ltd.

Breeding Forms

DA Breeders covering certificate

for use with DA registered stallions where the stallion and the mares being covered all belong to the same member.

General covering certificate

for use when mares are covered by a stallion for which a service certificate is not able to be completed ie Thoroughbred stallions.

Company service certificates

for use when DA registered stallions cover outside mares or mares not owned by the stallion owner.  Only available by order; cost $2 per certificate.

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