Schedule Of Fees

NO GST component included. All fees shown in AU $ with an approximate calculation into US$, GBP and Euros based on the exchange rate at the time of compiling the schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: fees are reviewed regularly. When application forms have been retained for a period before lodgement, please check with the NATIONAL Office ( for current fees. 
embership year runs from 1st August - 31st July.

FEES effective from 1st August 2018 


$45 AUD (~ US$33 / £25 / €28) per person

* All horses are registered under the owner’s membership number and the information held on file pertaining to their ownership will reflect the details on record for that membership number. If membership details change, so do the ownership details for every horse owned by that membership. Please be aware of this when filling out and lodging both membership and registration applications.


Foal Recording - $10 AUD (~ US$7 / £5.60 / €6) per horse

  • Mandatory for ALL palominos, ALL colts and ALL horses carrying Lp (varnish) without PATN under 2 years of age*.
  • Optional for all other fillies and geldings under 2 years of age.

Composite Dilute Foal Recordings - $10 AUD (~ US$7 / £5.60 / €6) per horse per additional dilution

* All ages are calculated using either the Southern or Northern Hemisphere official horse’s birth date.  Which one depends on the country in which the horse resides.  This is deemed to be the 1st of August prior to their natural foaling date in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE and the 1st of January prior to their natural foaling date in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE.

Permanent Registration - $30 AUD (~ US$22 / £17 / €19) all genders, per horse.

Composite Dilute Registrations - $30 AUD (~ US$22 / £17 / €19) all genders, per registration.

Transfers - $10 AUD  (~ US$7 / £5.60 / €6) per transfer

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