A Step By Step Guide to Joining And Registration

This page is designed to assist you with joining and registering your horse or pony with the International Dilute Register.  ALL PAPER FORMS ARE IN PDF FORMAT AND REQUIRE ACROBAT READER; A FREE COPY OF THIS SOFTWARE IS AVAILABLE FROM THE ADOBE WEBSITE. Forms and photos must be emailed to the Treasurer.

IDR Solid Dilute Registrations

Step 1 - membership application

As the owners of all registered horses must be financial members, you will need to apply to join the company.  An Application for membership form is available from the forms page; this is available as a

  • a pdf file (available in letter and A4 sizes), 
  • an interactive MS Word document (available in letter and A4 sizes), 
  • online membership application.

Alternatively you can contact us via one of the email addresses to the left and we will email them to you. 

Step 2 - registration application

The company offers several options for completing a registration application.  You may:

Steps for permanent registration:

Complete the Application For Registration form and lodge as per instructions above.

Attach the following required documentation:

# Colour photographs or video/DVD footage showing full views of

  • front, rear, near side, off side,
  • under belly including between front and back legs, 
  • sheath and testicles (geldings and stallions),
  • side on close up of each eye,
  • side view of teeth,
  • close up of brands,
  • under tail in mares showing vulva,
  • duns – close ups of dun characteristics

Examples of what is to be shown in photographs/videos can be found here.

# Proof of breeding for known parentage (service certificate, copy of other breed rego certificate, statutory declaration). 

# Proof of ownership if you are not the breeder (copy of other breed rego certificate showing horse in your name, copy of authorised transfer, copy of receipt, statutory declaration)

# DNA test results if DNA testing is required - please see the DNA Requirements page for more information about DNA testing requirements for DA registration.

Step 3 - lodging the forms

When you have downloaded the forms, fill them out paying particular attention to the information that is required - there is a checklist included with the registration applications to assist you with this.

Applications for registration of stock where parentage is known must be accompanied by PROOF OF BREEDING by way of either a service certificate, copy of other breed registration certificate or statutory declaration IF you want parentage listed on the certificate.  The same applies for geldings where parentage is known.  Failure to supply this information means your horse will be recorded with NA sire and dam.  Our advice and assistance are free so please email us if you are unsure about anything.

Lodging copies by email

Scan and email your paper forms once completed and all supporting documentation to the email address on the form (dilutestreasurer@gmail.com).  Include a copy of your PayPal receipt for payment of fees.

Lodging an interactive word document

Once you have completed the document, SAVE it to your hard drive and then email it and all supporting documentation to the email address on the form (dilutestreasurer@gmail.com).  Include a copy of your PayPal receipt for payment of fees.

Lodging an interactive online form

Simply complete the online form then click on the submit button at the bottom.  Use the supplied links on the page to submit your supporting documentation, including a copy of your PayPal receipt for payment of fees.

If you wish to show in the interim, please advise us and we will issue you with a showing certificate, which must be discarded upon receipt of an official registration certificate.

If you have any more queries or are unsure of anything, please email us for assistance.

Process overview

Step 1 - download and complete the membership application form

Step 2 - download and complete the relevant registration form

Step 3 - take the required photos or video/dvd footage - (go to photo sample page or photo requirement page if you require assistance with this step)

Step 4 - make sure you have attached all the other supporting documentation required 
(proof of breeding, proof of ownership, DNA results if testing required)

Step 5 - make sure you have included a copy of your PayPal deposit receipt

Step 6 - lodge forms and payment / proof of payment by emailing them to the address on the forms.

NB - if you are a former member rejoining download and complete the membership renewal application rather than the membership application form. 

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