Dilutes Australia Ltd
(ACN 081 316 994/ABN 17 081 316 994)

previously the
United Palomino White Buckskin & Dun Association Ltd


Photo courtesy of Paco Marti, Spain.

We have a network of branches, promotion groups and members across the country so we are in the unique position of being able to offer good service to our members no matter where they are. We offer both local and national services, benefits and advantages not seen with associations who are legally state-based and whose membership bases are largely state based as well.

So, for your horse's registration,


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Want more information? Please email us using the addresses below.

Registration Enquiries


Miss Janet Forster
PO Box 142


Registration & General Enquiries


Mrs Gail Rossington
57 Old Toowoomba Rd

Phone: 07 3282 8858

Email: pgrossington@bigpond.com

Membership Fee Enquiries


Mrs Barbara Arnold 
PO Box 7049

Phone: 07 3206 8526

Email: dilutestreasurer@gmail.com

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About Us
A brief explanation of Dilutes Australia Ltd and our history ....
Latest announcements - June 2014
Read about the latest updates to Dilutes Australia's regulations
A step by step guide to joining and registering
A step by step guide to joining and registering your horse with Dilutes Australia Ltd
Annual National Supreme Champion Awards
New for 2016!! Dilutes Australia Ltd Annual National Supreme Champion Led And Ridden awards
Forms And Downloads
Dilutes Australia Ltd forms and downloads page - click here to download membership and registration forms
Buckskin Register
Dilutes Australia Ltd buckskin register - for buckskin horses and ponies
Champagne Register
Dilutes Australia champagne register for studbook and non-studbook champagne horses and ponies
Cremello And Perlino Register
Dilutes Australia cremello and perlinos register for studbook and non-studbook cremello and perlino horses and ponies
Dun Register
Dilutes Australia Dun Register for studbook and non-studbook dun horses and ponies
Palomino Register
Palomino Register for studbook and non-studbook palomino horses and ponies
Pearl Register
Dilutes Australia Pearl Register for studbook and non-studbook pearl horses and ponies
Silver Register
Dilutes Australia silver register for studbook and non-studbook silver horses and ponies
DA Non-Solid Dilute Register
Dilutes Australia Ltd Non-Solid Dilute Register
DA Non Colour Compliant Dilute Register
Dilutes Australia Non Colour Compliant Dilute Register for dilutes that carry grey or roan, or are palominos that fail classification on colour.
Ancillary Register
Dilutes Australia ancillary register
Foundation Mare Register
Dilutes Australia Foundation Mare register
Sample Photos
This page contains the sample photos required for registration with Dilutes Australia Ltd
Photo Requirements
Photo requirements for registration
DNA Testing Requirements
DNA testing requirements for Dilutes Australia Ltd - must read prior to completing any other forms
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Information about palomino classification for registration with Dilutes Australia Ltd
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Dilutes Australia regulation updates
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General information about Dilutes Australia Ltd
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Australian Palomino Horse Association (NSW)
Page for members of the former Australian Palomino Horse Association (NSW)
Social Media Policy
Dilutes Australia Ltd has a social media policy which governs the way in which members use and publicly speak about the company in the social media
Become A Dilutes Australia Ltd Accredited Judge
How to become a Dilutes Australia Ltd accredited judge....
Annual Awards
Our Annual Awards are designed to “reward excellence in any Equestrian Activity by way of prizes and awards”.
Kaleidoscope Magazine
Order your online copy of Kaleidoscope, the bi-annual magazine for Dilutes Australia members.
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Copies of show and high points awards results
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