DA NSD Coat Patterns

Some of the coat patterns accepted for DA Non-Solid Dilute registration by Dilutes Australia.


Tobiano in the absence of other coat pattern genes does not produce white face markings.  Normal white face markings are thought to be caused by one of the many variations of sabino.  The first two examples of tobianos do not have white face markings - note the similarity in overall pattern type ie solid head, chest and neck shield, solid rump and flanks, white on limbs.

Grulla Tobiano

Buckskin Tobiano

Tobiano with at least one other white spotting (KIT) gene

Palomino Tobiano (probably with Sabino)

Perlino Tobiano (probably with Sabino)

Red Dun Tobiano (probably with Sabino)

Silver Tobiano (possibly with Splash and/or Sabino)

Silver Grulla Tobiano (with Sabino as has a white face marking)

Frame Overo

Palomino Frame Overo

Black buckskin / Smokey black Frame Overo


Palomino Sabino

Buckskin Sabino


Palomino Minimal Splash

Palomino Splash

Combination Patchy Genes

Palomino Splash and Sabino

Palomino Splash and Sabino

Palomino Tobiano and Overo (Tobero)

Bay dun Splash and Frame (Mel Cruden photo)


The genetics behind spots.... 

Varnish - Lp minus PATN. 
Born solid and gradually losing colour.

Buckskin varnish - in the process of varnishing out.  Also referred to as 'snowflake'.

Palomino fewspot - homozygous Lp + PATN1 (all over body white)

Palomino leopard - heterozygous Lp + PATN1 (all over body white)

Amber leopard

Grulla snowcap - homozygous Lp + PATN2 (restricts white to a blanket)

Buckskin spotted blanket - heterozygous Lp + PATN2 (restricts white to a blanket)

Palomino spotted blanket

Red dun spotted blanket (Mel Cruden photo).  Also likely carries sabino which is responsible for the lacy edges to the blanket.

Yellow dun snowflake - true snowflake (born with PATN or white spotting)

Palouse Ponies

Buckskin near leopard

Burnt buckskin near leopard

Combination Spotted and Patchy Genes

Silver Pintaloosa or Pinto Leopard
(Silver + Tobiano + Lp + PATN1)

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