Shades of Buckskin / Smoky Black

Sample photographs of the various shades of buckskin, including smoky black, recognised by Dilutes Australia Ltd.

Cream buckskin

Standard buckskin

Golden Buckskin

Golden buckskin is most likely cream working on a rich red bay hence the similarity to palominos.

The horse on the left may look like a bay to some but it lacks the 'redness' of a bay. The iridescence is also gold not red or copper.

Burnt / Sooty Buckskin

Whilst these are carrying bay agouti - they have a clear definition between their black legs and body colour which is one visual distinguisher between bay and brown - a burnt buckskin is generally described as any shade of buckskin that has a 'sooty overlay' or burnt appearance over the entire coat but it can be hard to distinguish from brown buckskin as many brown buckskins also appear to have a sooty appearance too. However, in many cases with the brown buckskin this is generally due to the brown base coat rather than being a distinct sooty overlay. These two above are most likely mahogany bays carrying cream.

Brown Buckskin

These are brown buckskins - note the mealy muzzle and lack of clear definition between their black legs and body colour. Brown agouti has also been observed to have a tendency to 'kill' white markings. Whilst a DNA test for At is still the only definitive way to tell for sure, a buckskin this dark without white markings, or with minimal white markings, is probably 'more' likely to be brown than bay.

Smoky Black (Black Buckskin)

Note the black or dark muzzles on the smoky black as opposed to the mealy or tan muzzles on the brown buckskins. They also exhibit a more even gold tone to their coats compared to the more localised or 'patchy' tan or gold highlights on the brown buckskins.

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