Shades Of Dun

Shades of dun recognised by Dilutes Australia Ltd

The base colours:

Chestnut or red dun

Bay or yellow dun. Also called zebra dun.

Brown dun

Grulla (black)

Dun cream composites:

Palomino dun (dunalino - cream + dun on chestnut)

Dark palomino dun with clearly visible dun factors

Light buckskin dun (dunskin - dun + cream on bay)

Gold buckskin dun (dunskin)

Smokey grulla (dun + cream on black)

Other composite duns:

Silver dun (silver + dun)

Buckskin silver dun (cream + silver + dun)

Champagne duns:

Champagne duns are registered as champagne due to this being the more rare dilution.

Amber dun

Classic cream dun (dun + cream + champagne on black)

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