2024 2025 Membership Renewals

Your Renewal Options For 2024 / 25

We have the following renewal options available:

Pre-Filled Renewal Form

Interactive PDF

Interactive Online Renewal Form

If you are having trouble completing any of these online options, you can also print out the pdf to complete by hand.

Please note - the pre-filled form has 3 levels of security for access.  You will need to enter your:

  • Membership number
  • Surname
  • Postcode

in order to access your details.  This information must be as per your 2023/24 membership card (if you have changed your postcode or surname and not advised us, you won't be able to use this form.)

Please also note - renewals will not be processed without a form.

Details for Direct Debit:

Bank - Bendigo Bank
Name of account - Dilutes Australia Ltd
BSB - 633 000
Account # - 123 341 414
Reference - your name

Membership Fees

Please visit this page for a list of fees, unless you're paying via PayPal, in which case the fees listed below the PP button below are applicable.


Please note - these fees will include PP's charges at checkout. 

Membership Renewal