Registration Application Form For Permanent Registration

In order to process your registration, there are a number of supporting documents required to be lodged with your application.  To facilitate this process, there are checklists available for downloading and we strongly recommend you take the time to do this BEFORE submitting your application.

This form can be used for stallions 2 years of age & over and all fillies, mares and geldings of any age EXCEPT FOR

  • ALL SOLID PALOMINOS AGED UNDER 2 YEARS (please use the application for foal recording instead)
  • ALL COLTS AGED UNDER 2 YEARS, regardless of parentage, colour or register (please use the application for foal recording instead)

Supporting Documentation Checklist


Proof of payment

Registrations will not be processed until full payment has been received OR we have been notified by way of a copy of your transaction receipt that you have paid in full.  This should be emailed to the treasurer -

Proof of breeding / pedigree for horses with known parentage

You are required to submit a copy of ANY ONE of the following:

  • at least one other breed society registration certificate 
  • a copy of a service document or similar
  • statutory declaration 

 Failure to provide this information will result in the pedigree being listed as "NA" (not available).


You must submit photos showing:

  • Full views EACH SIDE
  • Full views FRONT & REAR
  • Side on close up of each eye
  • Side on view of teeth (permanent registration; not required for foal recordings)
  • Under belly (hold camera close to ground behind front legs and in front of back legs, facing up)
  • PALOMINOS - close up views of mane and tail, preferably fanned out
  • DUNS - close up views of dun factors

Sample photos can be viewed here.  

All required photos should be emailed to the Registrar at either or

Diagram of markings and brands / extended pedigree form

We have supplied editable jpg and bmp image files of our diagrams that can be downloaded and filled in using any basic graphics editing software ie Paint.  It's included in a zip file that contains both an excel and a word version of the pedigree form.  Simply download the zip file, extract the documents, select the most appropriate ones as per your available software, complete and save then use the link on the Registration application page to email the files to us.  It's that simple!

Download the pedigree form and diagrams zip file

DNA colour test results

If you have had your horse DNA tested, please provide a copy of the lab test results.  If this was emailed to you by the lab, you can forward the email on to the Registrar at either or with your photos.

Microchip details

If the horse or pony being registered is microchipped, please provide proof.  This can be ANY ONE of the following:

  • copy of microchipping certificate issued by the vet who performed the procedure
  • copy of microchip registration with a central microchip register 
  • copy of breed society registration where proof of microchipping was required 
  • copy of DA Ltd microchip verification form.

Proof of legal ownership

If you did not breed this horse you are required to provide proof of legal ownership.  This can be ANY ONE of the following:

  • copy of official signed transfer form or similar document
  • copy of another breed society registration certificate showing horse in your name
  • statutory declaration verifying that you now legally own the horse
  • copy of receipt of purchase
  • copy of signed lease agreement or letter from the legal owner if you are in the process of paying off the horse OR if you have an official lease agreement.  Note that this document should provide proof that the legal owner has consented to the horse being registered with Dilutes Australia Ltd

Ready to go?  Click on this link to be taken to the Dilutes Australia ONLINE APPLICATION FORM FOR PERMANENT REGISTRATION.  Note - the form will be opened in a new browser window.  For more information on our regulations, you can visit our Step By Step Guide. 

Not sure if this is the correct form?  Click here to go to the Forms and Downloads page where there is a complete list of pdf versions of our application forms that can be downloaded, printed out and filled in the 'old' way.  Or you can download and use the interactive word document version of the application and email it back to us - note, the file has been zipped so simply extract the document, open and edit.  You'll also need to complete the diagrams page that is included in the zip file as editable jpg and bmp files.

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