Non Colour Compliant Dilute Register - Colours

Acceptable colours for DA NCCD registration

NB - the photos below only illustrate some of the acceptable colours for DA NCCD registration.  DA NCCD registration is available for any dilute (solid or non-solid) that carries grey and / or roan.

Dilutes carrying grey

Palomino carrying grey. 

Grey (born silver) tobiano

Dilutes carrying roan

Palomino roan

Buckskin roan

Perlino roan

Bay Silver roan

Black silver roan

Gold roan

Amber roan

Sable roan

Classic (black) roan

Amber, Double cream, Dun roan

Palomino roan tobiano

Palominos failing classification on colour for solid dilute registration (previously Breeding Purposes Only register) 

Dilutes carrying grey and roan

Cremello carrying grey and roan

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